Real Estate Development

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Real Estate Development

Fee-development is the services of an external developer who implements a project ordered by an investor for a fee. The use of the fee-development scheme is beneficial to land owners, banks, owners of mortgaged and unfinished properties who do not have their own resources to implement the project and the necessary experience in development. In these situations, it is more correct to hire a professional developer to organize all the work – from concept development to the implementation of the finished object

Velesdar d.o.o. has been providing fee-development services throughout Europe for more than 10 years and has the knowledge, experience and capabilities to implement projects of any complexity

Entrust your construction project to Velesdar d.o.o.!

Velesdar d.o.o. within the framework of fee-development performs the following types of work:

Project organization

Includes concept formation, analysis of the best and most effective use, risk assessment, development of a financial scheme, development of a project implementation schedule

Documentation development

Includes collection of initial data, development of an architectural concept, obtaining an urban plan for the site, development and approval of a design project and territory boundaries, obtaining permission to deviate from the maximum parameters of permitted construction, obtaining permission for a conditionally permitted type of use of the site


Includes the collection of initial data, development of project documentation as a general designer, development of an architectural concept, development of the architectural and urban planning appearance of the object, passing a project examination, obtaining technical specifications, conditions for connecting to utility networks, obtaining a construction permit


Includes organizing tenders for construction work and selecting a general contractor, monitoring project implementation (timing, quality, budget), handing over the facility to the state commission and operating organization, obtaining legal rights to the property, conducting marketing research, obtaining permission to use, sell or leasing of the finished property in accordance with the agreements

Minimizing and managing investor “risks”

it is the process of finding, assessing and preventing potential problems. Risk management reduces the impact of negative situations on the project and frees up material and labor resources

on average, an investor saves if a third-party developer is involved
up to 0 %

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