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Opening and selling a business

We provide expert support for opening new companies in Slovenia, and also help with the sale of ready-made enterprises. Our experts will carry out all the necessary processes to ensure your successful ownership or exit of the business.

Opening bank accounts

We provide professional assistance in opening bank accounts in reliable EU financial institutions, taking into account your needs and strategic goals.

Financial advisory

Our financial advisors provide in-depth analysis and expert advice on optimizing your finances, helping you make informed and strategic decisions.

Help in obtaining financing

Obtaining financing from EU funds, reputable private lending institutions, bank loans, loans or mortgages.

Legal support

We provide qualified legal support at all stages of your financial transactions, ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations of Slovenia.

Translations and notary support

We facilitate transaction support processes with the help of professional translations and notary services, ensuring the legality and reliability of your financial transactions.

How we are working

We provide a free initial consultation to determine your goals and needs

We develop an individual strategy to achieve your financial goals

We sign an agreement that records all the agreements reached and expected results

After the implementation of the services provided, we provide high-quality feedback, constant monitoring and optimization of your financial processes

With us, your investment will be an effective and manageable process
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