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Do you own real estate, but do not have the opportunity, sufficient desire or extra time to manage it? Our team of professionals is ready to help you with this problem. We can take on all issues related to business activities, operation and maintenance of relations with tenants

Property management has long gained popularity around the world, since property owners have the opportunity to shift all routine management issues to the shoulders of professionals, and they themselves can enjoy time with families and friends, receiving a stable income

Entrust the management of your real estate to Velesdar d.o.o., and do what you like!

Property management from our company includes such important services as:

Recommendations for increasing your earnings

Velesdar d.o.o. experts will regularly prepare their recommendations for improving and modernizing your property to increase income

Search and negotiations with tenants

If you decide on the need to rent out your property, our team will be involved in the search and negotiations until the conclusion of the contract

Organization of repair work

If there is a need for repair work, our team is engaged in finding a contractor, monitoring and accepting the work

Cleaning organization

If, in preparation for the arrival of new tenants or after the departure of previous tenants, cleaning work is required, we will organize everything

Control and payment of utility bills

Team Velesdar d.o.o. is responsible for monitoring meter readings and timely payment of utility bills, as well as communication with service providers

Organization of mutual settlements with tenants

Our team will monitor the timeliness of payments by tenants and your income from this

Also Velesdar d.o.o. provides its clients with home staging services.

Home staging is the art of making a property more attractive in the eyes of buyers with minimal investment. As a result of the use of these technologies, objects can often be sold faster and more expensive. Home staging is actively and successfully used around the world to increase the value of apartments and commercial premises.

The basis of the technology is the understanding that the buyer purchases (or rents) not square meters, but the emotions that he hopes to receive. And the task of home staging is to warm up these emotions in the first 30 seconds of viewing. This is exactly how much time it takes for a buyer to evaluate his emotional impression of an apartment or other type of real estate.

Velesdar d.o.o. offers to increase the attractiveness of your property by using the full range of benefits of home staging, which consists of:


The most pleasant smell for real estate is the aroma of cleanliness. All surfaces should shine and smell fresh. And windows and other glass surfaces should be transparent, like a tear


Every extra detail prevents the buyer from concentrating on the apartment and imagining himself as its resident. We will help you remove all unnecessary things, focusing the buyer’s attention on the most important things.

Minor repairs

Freshly painted ceiling, fresh wallpaper on the walls, hidden wires. We will not give the buyer a reason for reasonable bargaining!


Details matter! Little things create an atmosphere of comfort: the spines of books neatly placed on shelves, a stylish panel on the wall, a basket of fruit or flowers, decorative candles, etc.

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