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Do you want to move to Slovenia and start your own business, securing resident status? Velesdar d.o.o. offers obtaining a Slovenian residence permit through the business immigration procedure. As in most European countries, the mere opening of a company by a foreigner does not give the owner the right to reside in Slovenia. However, obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia through a business is one of the most common relocation options among CIS citizens at present.

Here are some of the benefits of being a Slovenian residence permit holder:

Favorable business environment

Slovenia is known for its entrepreneurial climate and openness to foreign investment. Creating and running a business in the country is facilitated by favorable legislation and government support.

Attractive investment opportunities

The country offers a variety of investment opportunities including real estate, tourism, agribusiness and other promising sectors.

Quickly obtain a residence permit

Compared to some other European countries, the process of obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia is considered relatively fast and efficient, especially if the business is properly organized and legal requirements are met.

Possibility of obtaining citizenship

After a certain period of residence and compliance with conditions, foreigners may consider obtaining Slovenian citizenship, which offers additional benefits, including freedom of movement around the world.

High quality of life

Slovenia offers a high quality of life, clean air, natural beauty, stability and diverse cultural opportunities for development.

Favorable tax legislation

Slovenia has clear, relatively low tax rates and a variety of tax incentives for entrepreneurs and investors.

Stable economy

The economy of Slovenia is stable and developed, which creates favorable conditions for running a successful business.

High-quality insurance medicine

Obtaining citizenship We also offer Slovenian citizenship under section 13 of the ZDRS citizenship law (by naturalization if this benefits the country for sporting, scientific, economic, cultural, national or similar reasons).

Through us you can also obtain a residence permit in countries such as Montenegro, Croatia, Turkey and Northern Cyprus. Write to us for details.

According to the Slovenian citizenship law, any foreigner working in a Slovenian company can obtain a work and residence permit in Slovenia. However, not everyone is interested in being hired, and those who are find it difficult to find an employer. We suggest organizing your own workplace. Therefore, business immigration refers to the general process of obtaining a “single work and residence permit” by a foreigner on the basis of employment in his own Slovenian company.

In accordance with the law, a Slovenian company has the right to employ a foreigner only if certain conditions are met:

  • there is no suitable candidate in the unemployment register;
  • the foreigner meets the conditions required by you as an employer;
  • your company is properly registered, is not in the process of liquidation or bankruptcy, and all taxes have been paid;
  • your company has active business activities, namely:
    – within the last 6 months the company has already employed at least one full-time person
    – financial income from the activities of the company is at least 10,000 euros every month for the last 6 months
    – if your company has been registered for less than 6 months, it can invest in its business activities in the amount of at least €50,000. With these funds, everything that your company needs to run a business, including real estate, can be purchased and taken into account as fixed assets facilities. For example, a project to build a small family hotel on the Slovenian coast. From our experience, this investment option is the most common and successful. The property is then resold or rented out and generates income for the company.

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