Capital Management

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Capital Management

Wealth management services from Velesdar d.o.o. will help you implement your plan and manage your capital so that you can increase your profits and achieve your financial goals.

Our goal is to obtain a stable income from your investments in the long term. This means selecting risks based on prevailing market conditions and, if necessary, responding quickly to market conditions, as well as, if necessary, responding quickly to changes in the market.

Diversify your portfolio across sectors such as technology, healthcare, green energy and industrials to reduce risk and increase returns

Renewable Energy

Investing in green energy can provide opportunities for investors to support environmentally conscious companies while potentially earning strong returns. This sector includes companies involved in renewable energy production, energy storage, and energy efficiency solutions. Careful research and analysis of factors like regulatory environment, market demand, and technological advancements can help identify potential investments in this dynamic and rapidly growing sector

Health Technology

Investing in medicine offers diversification and potential returns, as the rapidly growing healthcare sector thrives on technological innovations. Exposure to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare providers is attainable; however, assessing regulatory risks, clinical trials, and market needs is crucial. Prioritizing ethical companies focused on patient well-being ensures responsible investment, leading to financial gains while contributing to healthcare progress


Investing in properties offers the potential for long-term appreciation and building equity. Rental income from properties provides a reliable source of passive income. Additionally, real estate investments offer diversification and potential tax advantages, making them an attractive investment option.


Embrace the future with confidence by investing in technology. At Velesdar d.o.o., we recognize the transformative power of tech investments, offering opportunities for growth, innovation, and potential financial success in the dynamic landscape of evolving technologies


Unlock growth and stability by investing in industry. At Velesdar d.o.o., we identify strategic opportunities within the industrial sector, providing a pathway for investors to capitalize on robust economic trends, diversify portfolios, and achieve sustainable financial success

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