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Selling or leasing real estate is a complex task and requires the seller to have knowledge in various areas. In addition, the process itself is quite labor-intensive, energy-consuming and emotionally exhausting. These are hours of negotiations with potential buyers or tenants, confrontations with unscrupulous realtors and resellers, calls at 6 in the morning and messages while you are sleeping.

But there is a great solution: contact the experts from Velesdar d.o.o.! Our experience will make selling or renting your property a hassle-free process. Our specialists will take care of all the difficulties and inconveniences, leaving you with only the most pleasant moments.

With Velesdar d.o.o. you will sell your property in an adequate time frame and at the maximum cost!

Velesdar d.o.o. will perform the following sales stages for you:

We will create an adequate price

Our experts will monitor the market and determine the reasonable cost of your property, which will speed up the sale or rental

Let's prepare the right portfolio

Our team will take photos and videos of your property to present it in the best light and attract more interested buyers

We will attract potential buyers

Using methods that have been proven over the years and new technologies, we will conduct an advertising campaign so that as many people as possible learn about your property

Let's weed out the unnecessary

Our job is to sell your property, not take up your time and nerves. That's why we guarantee you quality inspections with seriously interested buyers.

We will conduct effective negotiations

One of the key stages of a successful real estate business is negotiating with potential buyers or tenants. We know how to protect the interests of our clients, as evidenced by their high ratings

Legal support of the process

You can be absolutely calm about documentary support. Our legal department will carefully review every document to make the sales process perfect.

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